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Data-Driven Decisions for Team Sports


Analytics system for team sport player monitoring

Connects coaches to the daily stream of training load and recovery data

Helps reduce the risk of injury/illness to players and optimise team performance

Injury & Illness Prevention

Injuries and illnesses in sports teams are often linked to:
- Unsuitable workloads
- Inadequate recovery

Quanter gives coaches the information needed to manage player workloads and support their recovery

Quanter gives players individual-specific feedback and facilitates data-driven coaching

Training Load Monitoring

Too high or too low training loads are closely associated with higher risk of injury/illness

Players respond to training and matches in different ways

Loads expected by coaches are different from the loads actually experienced by players

Objective data alone provides incomplete and indecisive information

Quanter collects and analyses data about players’ subjective perception of exertion in training/matches

Quanter classifies the overall fatiguing effect of training/matches as experienced by players

Make realtime, flexible, and player-specific adjustments in your coaching

Enhance your ability to reduce injury/illness risk and reach training goals

Recovery Cycle Management

Players who do not recover effectively are more likely to incur injury/illness while under otherwise normal loadings

Recovery is a hard-to-measure process involving diverse factors and continuous effects over differing time scales

Objective data alone provides incomplete and indecisive information

Quanter collects subjective data about players and analyses the underlying recovery factors

Quanter classifies how ready players are to train and compete in Quanter’s innovative Readiness Index

Know at a glance players’ readiness every morning

React immediately to optimise player availability, supported by Quanter’s immediate feedback

Explore deeper trends in the data and uncover the stories behind players with low readiness

Team & Individual Scheduling

Even top level coaches sometimes struggle to know how fit and able their players are to participate in team events.

Team life has complicated rhythms and is aligned with training programmes inside and outside the team environment.

Changes happen often and come from different sources.

Quanter structures team life through an easy to use schedule tool for all team members.

Quanter’s attendance functions confirm player availability and absence reasons.

Have the best information possible about your players’ availability now

Know each player’s historical attendance record and availability breakdown in relation to injuries and illnesses

Saves time, money, and human resources

Focus on making decisions, not collecting and analysing data

Keeps you on the pulse

React to the high frequency of data and adjust your plans and actions in real-time

Facilitates Superintelligence

Empower your human intelligence with artificial intelligence

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