The Quanter system is structured around an easy to use schedule and calendar import tool for all team members. Coaches and Staff can plan schedules for the whole team, groups of players, or individuals. Players can also create their own schedules.

Create Events

Create the team's schedule!

Select which players to invite if training with different groups.

Quanter needs events to automate the Training Load feature, so keep the schedules up to date!


Quanter’s automated attendance confirmation functions ensure that coaches have the best information possible about players’ availability. Quanter prompts team members directly with notifications to confirm their attendance:

The Weekly Query

Every weekend, Quanter sends the Weekly Query to team members. The Weekly Query displays the week’s schedule and confirms attendance statuses.

Quanter marks the team member as attending all the week’s events when they open the Query. So all they need to do is confirm to save their attendance statuses.

The Updated Weekly Query

If there are any changes to the week’s schedule, Quanter sends the Updated Weekly Query.

The Event Reminder

Turns the focus of team members onto the upcoming event and provides the last chance to change their attendance status. Players are locked from editing their attendance status when the Event Reminder closes.

The Post-Event Confirmation

For the final confirmation of who attended an event, Quanter sends all attending coaches the Post-Event Confirmation 10 mins after itfinishes.




Weekly Schedule

Shows upcoming event details and days split into morning, afternoon, and evening for an immediate picture of the week.

Coaches & Staff

See the event's attendance overview: attending players and the number and reasons of non-attendants (Injured, Ill, Other).


See only their own attendance details and communicate directly to the coaching team.